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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

j'dore and adore el natural

As a girl with naturally curly and frizzy hair I have been hoping and relentlessly praying for the day Frizz took to the spotlight of the catwalk and threw my formidably styled hair into fashion.

Am I too excited that Frizz has come into fashion? I don't care because it has inspired me to invest in natural beauty which lets face it us most of us believe only works for the few minority, those lucky girls who look unbelievably stunning without so much as foundation on!! Jealous? so am I, but it doesnt mean you can't flaunt what you have without looking overly fake.

Stick with your natural hair colour and style, wear brown eyeliner and mascara give the illusion of naturally long lashes, soft coloured lipstick and blusher can brighten up your face and bronze eyeshowed gives a natural glow.

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