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Thursday, 9 June 2011

It seems to me lately fashion has newest trend for racial slander. For an industry as innovative and freeing as fashion I find it hard to understand the recent racism. Fashion! world wide obsession in which every race, gender and religion can relish in... First John galliano, his drop from his oh so public job was seen to some as unfair, even for just allegations it was right, racism should not be okay. And now britains 'greatest' hairdresser a racist! What seem to be the biggest tragedy is e4 still continuing to play his show

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Normally in the shopping centre I would walk straight past H and M with it's generic collections that don't excite at all, but with this seasons new bohemian look I can't keep away. The soft prints and flowing shapes make me want to buy the shop out. The new spring collections Boho interpretation is great worn with denim and that ever so expensive Chloe bag you've been saving

Sunday, 20 March 2011

This summer get out your pastels because the best new look has emerge from the understated pop a colour which add character to any outfit.

No matter where you wear it, the office or a night out pastels will give you subtle elegance especially when incorporated into a feminine silhouette.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

j'dore and adore el natural

As a girl with naturally curly and frizzy hair I have been hoping and relentlessly praying for the day Frizz took to the spotlight of the catwalk and threw my formidably styled hair into fashion.

Am I too excited that Frizz has come into fashion? I don't care because it has inspired me to invest in natural beauty which lets face it us most of us believe only works for the few minority, those lucky girls who look unbelievably stunning without so much as foundation on!! Jealous? so am I, but it doesnt mean you can't flaunt what you have without looking overly fake.

Stick with your natural hair colour and style, wear brown eyeliner and mascara give the illusion of naturally long lashes, soft coloured lipstick and blusher can brighten up your face and bronze eyeshowed gives a natural glow.

Monday, 28 February 2011

'If The Carpet could talk'

Last night til the early morning Hollywood's most anticipated annual event enthralled and engrossed millions as we all tuned in for a chance to see our famous beau's in their best frock's.

Year after year i feel that the same look's are walked up and down the carpet one after the other in the same colours and style's trailing after eachother by various stars. This year threw a whole knew spanner in the works. Instead of eluding plain old elegance and beauty, edge, character and risk bared its teeth at the flashing light's and camera's whose ominous voice scream's 'you look great' no matter what.

This year my suspecting judgement was ambushed with hue's of lilac and flashes of bright's my favourite look's include...

Mila Kunis in her chiffon flowing gown by my favourite designer from Beirut, Elie Saab. His new found success in fashion is well deserved with a wedding dress line enough for my 15 year old self to get married.
Mila Kunis (PA)

Another favourite of mine was Cate Blanchett in her Givenchy Coture gown looking as beautiful as ever, the dresses diverse shape was a real leap of faith for the actress but a worth while one.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Block Statement's

This year im loving the use of colour blocking for spring and summer especially by Calvin Klein. The use of block shapes and bright opaques with no jewellery represent natural beauty at it's best.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Say 'Hello' to Fahion

On many occassion's my friends and family have had the displeasure of my non-stop rants about the misjustice brands such as 'Hollister' cause. Some things (well many things) about the stores touch nerves. I have no problem with the clothes, fashion is always a message and a image but its the message and image stores such as these convey that gets me.

The brand  puts the priorities of fashion in behind it's image which im my opinion loathes average people. As if to say 'you wear this you'll look rich'
There's no diversity in the clothing yet people que for hours just for a tops which reads 'Abercrombie and Fitch' which what? gives them a sense of superiority.

I have no problem with people choice of clothes just these brands choice of image.