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Thursday, 9 June 2011

It seems to me lately fashion has newest trend for racial slander. For an industry as innovative and freeing as fashion I find it hard to understand the recent racism. Fashion! world wide obsession in which every race, gender and religion can relish in... First John galliano, his drop from his oh so public job was seen to some as unfair, even for just allegations it was right, racism should not be okay. And now britains 'greatest' hairdresser a racist! What seem to be the biggest tragedy is e4 still continuing to play his show

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Normally in the shopping centre I would walk straight past H and M with it's generic collections that don't excite at all, but with this seasons new bohemian look I can't keep away. The soft prints and flowing shapes make me want to buy the shop out. The new spring collections Boho interpretation is great worn with denim and that ever so expensive Chloe bag you've been saving

Sunday, 20 March 2011

This summer get out your pastels because the best new look has emerge from the understated pop a colour which add character to any outfit.

No matter where you wear it, the office or a night out pastels will give you subtle elegance especially when incorporated into a feminine silhouette.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

j'dore and adore el natural

As a girl with naturally curly and frizzy hair I have been hoping and relentlessly praying for the day Frizz took to the spotlight of the catwalk and threw my formidably styled hair into fashion.

Am I too excited that Frizz has come into fashion? I don't care because it has inspired me to invest in natural beauty which lets face it us most of us believe only works for the few minority, those lucky girls who look unbelievably stunning without so much as foundation on!! Jealous? so am I, but it doesnt mean you can't flaunt what you have without looking overly fake.

Stick with your natural hair colour and style, wear brown eyeliner and mascara give the illusion of naturally long lashes, soft coloured lipstick and blusher can brighten up your face and bronze eyeshowed gives a natural glow.

Monday, 28 February 2011

'If The Carpet could talk'

Last night til the early morning Hollywood's most anticipated annual event enthralled and engrossed millions as we all tuned in for a chance to see our famous beau's in their best frock's.

Year after year i feel that the same look's are walked up and down the carpet one after the other in the same colours and style's trailing after eachother by various stars. This year threw a whole knew spanner in the works. Instead of eluding plain old elegance and beauty, edge, character and risk bared its teeth at the flashing light's and camera's whose ominous voice scream's 'you look great' no matter what.

This year my suspecting judgement was ambushed with hue's of lilac and flashes of bright's my favourite look's include...

Mila Kunis in her chiffon flowing gown by my favourite designer from Beirut, Elie Saab. His new found success in fashion is well deserved with a wedding dress line enough for my 15 year old self to get married.
Mila Kunis (PA)

Another favourite of mine was Cate Blanchett in her Givenchy Coture gown looking as beautiful as ever, the dresses diverse shape was a real leap of faith for the actress but a worth while one.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Block Statement's

This year im loving the use of colour blocking for spring and summer especially by Calvin Klein. The use of block shapes and bright opaques with no jewellery represent natural beauty at it's best.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Say 'Hello' to Fahion

On many occassion's my friends and family have had the displeasure of my non-stop rants about the misjustice brands such as 'Hollister' cause. Some things (well many things) about the stores touch nerves. I have no problem with the clothes, fashion is always a message and a image but its the message and image stores such as these convey that gets me.

The brand  puts the priorities of fashion in behind it's image which im my opinion loathes average people. As if to say 'you wear this you'll look rich'
There's no diversity in the clothing yet people que for hours just for a tops which reads 'Abercrombie and Fitch' which what? gives them a sense of superiority.

I have no problem with people choice of clothes just these brands choice of image.
The world of Fashion has been rattled following an eventful afternoon in Paris involving John Galliano, Christian Dior's creative director and the best considered designer on the planet. The designer has been suspeneded from his job at Dior and has been jailed due to allegations of anti-semitism.

We live in too modern a world for people to endure rasicm in any form. Especially from those who influence us and the world we live. It horrifies me that if these allegations are in fact true the very idea's that fashion is free and self-expression may be lies to a man who has given inspiration to so many.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

To watch more, visit designer_profile.aspx?DesignerID=939
My favourite Spring/Summer 2011 looks.

this seasons biggest crazes include the all big F's - florals, fringing, feathers and fabric printing
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Love Chloe, well they love you x

Season after season I wait for Chloe's newest scent sensation. So if your anthing like me your in luck. Chloe's newest perfume 'Love Chloe' it my favourite perfume at the moment, so when i found out that The Perfume Shop are offering a free Chloe clutch when you buy a 50ml or bigger bottle I was over the moon. Get shopping quick because the offer ends 3rd of April. What makes the offer even more magical is that the bag doesnt consist of the words eau de toilette so you can get away with showing it to your friends and pretending you have a very expensive Chloe clutch. So shh! keep it a secret.
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Do it yourself

In reference to my previous blog about Christopher Kane's amazing new Spring/Summer collection, I have been craving a neon lace outfit to brighten up this typical gloomy English day.

I took a trip to my local fabric shop and this is what I ended up with...

Monday, 21 February 2011

Barry M Nail Paints Block Orange

This season paint your nails bright orange, the official colour of Spring/Summer.

The look fashion show's catwalk this year saw candy coloured nail varnish and eye make up for the new season.
Even though at the time a didnt know it fashion and costume has always been apart of my life from a young age. I have always got my idea's of fashion from costume, by watching pride and prejudice and revelling in the intricate details and fine fabrics to dressing up as Star War's charater trying to peice together ecccentric shapes and putting on crazy make up. If you had'nt noticed I was'nt your average child.

I love the diversity of costume, how sometimes it can be entirely unpractical and never ever to be seen on the high street. It can be whatever you want it to be.

This years Bafta for best costume was awarded to Alice in Wonderland. The film uses a twist on british fashion  from the mid 1800's but dramatises the shapes and styles in ecentric manors.

Brighten Up Your Day

Christopher Kane's Spring/Summer 2011 collection has inspired my entire wardrobe this Summer. Neon is back and edgier than ever.

Matching old school sweaters with classic dress silhouettes Christopher Kane adds neon colours to update the look.

By using simple shapes and clashing orange's and fusia's the looks can casually be worn and create an impact on all who see you
The collection works a mix of light flowing garments for a light romantic look and heavy colours on printed leather for a statement peice.

I love this collection as it brings to the table a brand new spin on elegant dress cuts by letting the bright colours send the message

Christopher Kane made a household name for himself with his use of wild prints in past catwalk shows. Thankfully he hasnt erased his use of eccentric patterns.

With animal pictures in this spring; look to Christopher Kane for a darker more rock 'n' roll contribution. His looks such as these can usually also be found in high street stores like All Saints.


Just found some more animal clothes from Mulberry incorporating Bunnies into their Spring/Summer lookbook

Go Animal

It’s the first day of my week off from school and thought there nothing more fitting that to spend it shopping. I visited the usual’s French Connection, River Island and Debenhams.  With their spring collections now in store I searched for one of the season’s newest trend. Instead of the constantly recycled style of animal print used by the likes of Roberto Cavalli, many fashion brands were now using animated animal prints.

Mix and matching prints and patterns is in this spring as well as sporting ‘matchy matchy’ looks. This skirt from River Island goes well with the shirt below, using clashing patters and matching colours.
River Island- £24.99

This Henry Holland for Debenhams shirt incorporates zebra illustration whilst being suitable for spring with its bright flowing and light fabric.
Debenhams- £25

Tone the look down with this Henry Holland for Debenhams blazer and Debenhams shoes which are a chocolate brown colour, popular for Spring/Summer this year which also makes for a good look with denim.
Both use the new cut out style and will soften the outfit.
Blazer- £35
Shoes- £75

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Pursuing absolute madness

The place of Punk Camden Town is one of my favourite place for fashion especially the unconvetional kind. Tracing through the rails of a Camden shop with its rich colours and prints a man casually rolled in on a unicycle. In disbelief i gave him a second glimpse, looking around i discovered I was the only one. In truth i was the wierd, alien person in the shop dressed in jeans and a hoodie judging anothers practicallity of transport. In that instant i realised i should be part of something greater than the mediorce shapes and styles of clothing i had been subjected to. I explored started another branch of eccentric and unpractical dressing.

The true women of Punk inspired me with thier 'in your face' designs which highlighted the confidence, strenght and fun women entail. Designer Vivienne Westwood's and Queen of punk ideals for Spring/ Summer this year are bright prints and 80's inspired shapes. The style expresses a new look for sportswear for the upcoming season.

The tailored skirt suite potrays the strenght of the working woman with a twist of this seasons hottest new trend of mix and match patterns and colours.
Vivienne Westwoods plays wuth Rock'n' roll by introducing the use of soft prints and colours for a warm spring day.
 Vivienne Westwoods eccentric designs and punk patterns and shapes truely show British fashion at its best. Using fun and accessible colours and fabric the designs can be transferred onto the high street, whilst the public should have fun with their clothing  and not hold back.
All Saints uses the same fashion principles with exciting soft, colourful patterns and a tailored shape in thier Spring/Summer 2011 looks.

Getting straight into it

With London Fashion Week upon us I thought this the best time and opportunity to start my Fashion Blog. With hundreds of designers showing their newest trend setting collections and the worlds most glamorous dressed to impress in their best frocks, from within me sparked the idea for Catching the Itch. In principle a fun yet serious blog on the contemporary fashion trends which are revived on the high street from previous Era’s and ready-to-wear catwalk shows.

The first Catwalk show I sought after was the Central Saint Martin’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. With graduates like Stella McCartney the many of the garments seen on the runway will have been conceived in the mind the Industries next ledgend. The show seemed to have recurring features, using block shapes built for the boyish body and trend. The collection had the essence of french comtemporary high fashion with elements of ready-to-wear. Many of the garments took only splashes and streaks of colour. My favourite look in the show was the use of rough denim which was a has been a coveted look in the past few seasons. The unfinished detail gave the garments a promising edge.

A more finished and fitting denim look can be found on ASOS

To watch more, visit designer_profile.aspx?DesignerID=66