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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Pursuing absolute madness

The place of Punk Camden Town is one of my favourite place for fashion especially the unconvetional kind. Tracing through the rails of a Camden shop with its rich colours and prints a man casually rolled in on a unicycle. In disbelief i gave him a second glimpse, looking around i discovered I was the only one. In truth i was the wierd, alien person in the shop dressed in jeans and a hoodie judging anothers practicallity of transport. In that instant i realised i should be part of something greater than the mediorce shapes and styles of clothing i had been subjected to. I explored started another branch of eccentric and unpractical dressing.

The true women of Punk inspired me with thier 'in your face' designs which highlighted the confidence, strenght and fun women entail. Designer Vivienne Westwood's and Queen of punk ideals for Spring/ Summer this year are bright prints and 80's inspired shapes. The style expresses a new look for sportswear for the upcoming season.

The tailored skirt suite potrays the strenght of the working woman with a twist of this seasons hottest new trend of mix and match patterns and colours.
Vivienne Westwoods plays wuth Rock'n' roll by introducing the use of soft prints and colours for a warm spring day.
 Vivienne Westwoods eccentric designs and punk patterns and shapes truely show British fashion at its best. Using fun and accessible colours and fabric the designs can be transferred onto the high street, whilst the public should have fun with their clothing  and not hold back.
All Saints uses the same fashion principles with exciting soft, colourful patterns and a tailored shape in thier Spring/Summer 2011 looks.

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